ZW, ZWF series of self-priming non-clogging pump main purpose

    I. Overview

The series of non-clogging sewage pump is the introduction of foreign energy-efficient non-clogging sewage pump and the development of domestic technology and made, the performance indicators have reached the technical level of similar foreign products, the use of a unique single-channel impeller, dynamic seal with two special Material of the carbide mechanical seal, with no blockage; durable, accurate line, easy maintenance, high efficiency, energy-saving significant, is the latest pump replacement in China, welcomed by users.

Second, the main purpose and model description

    This series of non-clogging sewage pump is suitable for conveying industrial wastewater and municipal sewage, its biggest advantage is that it has a strong self-priming capacity, suction pipe without bottling valve, can contain sewage containing solid particles and fiber materials, Subject to convey sewage, but also suitable for use as a drain pump, pulp pump, filter rinse condensate circulating pump, irrigation pumps, widely used in mining, construction sites, hospitals, hotels, sewage treatment and other occasions. Suitable for medium temperature 0-250 degrees.

Third, the pump model description

    ZW (F) 100-80-8

Z-- self-absorption type;

F - overcurrent component material 1Cr18Ni9Ti;

80 - the provisions of traffic m 3 / h;

W - sewage dirt;

100 - inlet diameter (mm);

8 - Prescribed head (m);

Fourth, the structure

    This series of non-clogging sewage pump, to meet the different requirements of users supporting the material is cast iron, stainless steel , and explosion-proof motor , the structure of the motor , pump composition.

1, the motor adopts Y series asynchronous motor, B class insulation.

2, part of the pump, the pump is located at the other end of the motor, the pump impeller single blade, large passage, sewage and strong, easy to plug, pumping containing fiber material and suspended solids impurities in the dirt, using double mechanical seal to ensure that the transmission medium No leaks.