Zhejiang Yinzhou Company launched the first old table library intelligent storage system

[ China Instrument Network Instrument Development ] With the large-scale application of power metering devices, the construction of intelligent warehousing systems has become the development trend of metering asset management and operation in the power industry. On July 4th, Zhejiang Zhangzhou Power Supply Company officially launched the first intelligent warehouse storage system of the old watch.

At present, China is in the stage of warehousing upgrade, and the warehousing system is moving from mechanization to electrification and intelligence. Through the application of intelligent warehousing, the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of cargo warehouse management are guaranteed, ensuring that enterprises can grasp the real data of inventory in a timely and accurate manner and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory. At the same time, through the scientific coding, it is also convenient to manage the batch and shelf life of the inventory goods, timely grasp the current location of all the inventory goods, and improve the work efficiency of the warehouse management.
Under the general trend of quality assurance and quality service, Zhangzhou Company has gradually improved the detailed control of metering lean management. Among them, the asset life cycle management involves the reorganization of old forms, material scrapping and other aspects of the measurement assets. Requirements.
To this end, after the completion of the construction of the intelligent second-class new warehouse, Zhangzhou Company will make plans according to the development of the situation and the actual situation, timely declare the measurement system construction project in 2017 and implement the funds, and carry out the transformation of the old warehouse warehouse according to local conditions. Actively contact the technical staff of the manufacturer to formulate technical plans, actively communicate with relevant departments, and supervise the progress of various stages of housing infrastructure, equipment installation, system commissioning, etc., and effectively ensure the project landing.
The intelligent metering equipment warehouse is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction of the second and third level warehouse of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. The whole set of automated storage system consists of three-dimensional shelves, stacking machines, conveyor systems, communication systems, automatic control systems, etc. The physical goods are all based on the standard paper storage box as the basic storage unit. Through the transmission of mechanical equipment and the built-in stacking machine, the automatic storage and delivery operations of the turnover box are realized, and the working efficiency is up to 60 cases/hour. It is 832 boxes of 52 trays.
Through the application of intelligent warehousing system, Zhangzhou Company has substantially improved the backward management features such as low utilization rate of the original site, difficult classification management and low labor efficiency. At the same time, the system has integrated integration functions such as computer operation, scheduling, statistics and analysis, which greatly improves the unit area utilization efficiency of the warehouse, reduces the risk of human error, and effectively improves the asset management efficiency.
With the commissioning of the system, Cangzhou will promptly follow up the actual operation skills training of the staff, synchronize the online marketing and application of the marketing system, formulate a perfect management system, and continuously improve the practical level of the library. The system also provides a basis for the construction and management of storage systems for other power measurement assets, and has certain theoretical and practical significance.
(Original title: State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., Baidu, Automation Instrumentation)


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