Xugong RP903 asphalt paver opens all the way, becoming the preferred brand for customers' oil surface construction


From the initial market to the hot sale, from the birth of Pengcheng to the shining world, why did Xugong asphalt paver RP903 always become the preferred brand for customers' oil surface construction?

Xugong asphalt paver RP903 becomes the preferred brand for customer oil surface construction

In fact, since the launch of the asphalt paver RP903, Xugong has achieved a very bright market performance in the world with its excellent paving technology, super high construction efficiency and reliable usability, and has won the favor of customers. It is a conscience product in the industry. What exactly makes it open all the way, and is praised by customers all over the world? Not much to say, let's go straight to the subject!

Open Raiders One: the highest price configuration

In recent years, many asphalt paver manufacturers have been degrading and degrading in order to reduce prices. As the industry's oldest brother, Xugong has been focusing on product configuration improvement, and is determined to help each customer to become rich. This paver is the most equipped product in the market at the same price. First, the Xugong asphalt paver RP903 is equipped with a low-speed and high-power supercharged engine. It has strong power, large power reserve and working capacity of 800t/h. Your requirements for use in different working conditions in different regions. Secondly, the paving machine's hydraulic system uses a complete set of imported hydraulic components, such as hydraulic pumps, travel motors, such as the key hydraulic components, the use of the well-recognized Linde brand in the field of hydraulic components. In the detail parts such as screed, the top grade steel is used, and the weight of the whole car can reach up to 27.2 tons. Among the similar products in the industry, the weight is the biggest!

Xugong RP903 asphalt paver, which is called “conscience conscience product” by users

It is worth mentioning that many customers like RP903 because it has a larger hopper capacity (up to 15 tons) compared with similar products, and with the advantage of low receiving point, it can meet the receiving height of any material truck on the market. Clean and dry.

In order to meet the requirements of water stability and asphalt, the paver can be switched between mechanical screed and telescopic screed! If you are a stable water surface, it is recommended to switch the mechanical screed device. If it is an asphalt road, it is recommended to use a telescopic screed. This super "one machine double version" function can be switched in 2 hours.

2 people for 2 hours to achieve a dual version of the machine

In terms of intelligence and humanization, XCMG RP903 paver has advanced and stable electronic control system. Whether you are extremely cold at -40 °C or high temperature working environment at 85 °C, Xugong asphalt paver RP903 can do To efficient construction. At the same time, Xugong always pays attention to the operation experience of each operator. Considering the daily operation habits of the operator, Xugong has humanized design on the control panel and seat, and is determined to improve the operator's operation comfort in every detail. Degree, for the convenience of later maintenance.

More convenient maintenance

Open Raiders 2: The most efficient construction of similar products

It is also under the high standards of excellence, which has created the excellent product quality and excellent construction effect of Xugong asphalt paver RP903. Its paving width is up to 9.5 meters, the thickness of paving is up to 400mm, and the working speed is 3m/min. It can save you more than 30% in time and labor cost. In addition, since the launch of the product, XCMG has been constantly improving and has been improving its technology. Today, the RP903 flatness of Xugong asphalt paver has increased by 30% and the pavement smoothness has increased by 20%. Among similar products, the most construction Efficient.

High efficiency of construction

Open Raiders 3: Excellent paving effect casts a hot market explosion

Regardless of the expressway, the national highway, the county township road, municipal engineering and other different construction sites, XCMG asphalt paver RP903 has won the construction party's love and trust with excellent construction performance. A surnamed Liu surnamed customer who bought five asphalt pavers RP903 at one time, he said happily: "The RP903 paver of Xugong is really a conscience product in the industry! Whether it is product quality or after-sales service, let us these customers It is very comfortable!" It is also the excellent reputation of such a customer, which has created a hot sales explosion in the XCMG asphalt paver market. Today's Xugong asphalt paver has gone abroad and shines on various key road projects around the world.


Xugong always thinks from the customer's point of view. While ensuring high paving, high speed and large thickness, the spare parts resources are also very sufficient. The wear parts adopt the industry leading wear-resistant technology, reduce the use cost, and the second-hand preservation rate of the product. Higher, faster flow. It is also the higher return on investment in the whole cycle and the values ​​that are all-rounded for customers. The XCMG asphalt paver has been opened all the way and has become the preferred brand for customers' oil surface construction. (This article is from Xugong Road )

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