Xichai "Ao Shen" unveiled at the 7th Beijing International Bus Show

The 7th Beijing International Bus and Parts Exhibition 2009 was held at the Beijing Exhibition Hall from February 28 to March 2. FAW Jiefang Xichai arranged a 100-square-meter booth at the exhibition and exhibited CA6DN1-46E3 (Olympus), CA6DM2-42E3 (Aoshen), CA6DL2-35E3 (Aowei), CA6DL1-26E4 (Aowei Seven diesel engines such as the CA6SL1-26E4, CA6DF3-24E3, and CA4DF3-17E3 that meet the standards of the Dasan Sanhe National IV standard. The focus of Xichai’s promotion at this exhibition was CA6DM2 (Ao Shen) diesel engine, which is a new high-end product that Xichai has launched to meet market needs.

It is understood that CA6DM2 (Ao Shen) is the first heavy-duty vehicle diesel engine with the top camshaft four-valve technology in China. It conforms to the development trend of international diesel engine technology and has a compact structure and high intake efficiency. The power covers 272 to 309 kW (370 to 420 hp. ), B10 life of 800,000 kilometers, reached the international advanced level; discharges up to the country's three laws and regulations, and has the potential of the country; Bosch's CP2.2 + fuel system, including high-pressure pump, fuel injector assembly, etc. are the same The CA6DN1 (Aobao) National Three-Diesel Engine is unanimous, has good generality and reliability, and makes fuel economy better. The minimum fuel consumption rate of the full load is less than 193 g/kWh, and it is at the leading level of domestic heavy-duty vehicle diesel engines.

The main technical highlights of the CA6DM2 (Aoshen) diesel engine are as follows:

——Using the engine braking device with independent intellectual property rights, the braking power reaches 180 kilowatts at the rated rotating speed to ensure safe and reliable driving; Overhead camshaft cylinder head, patented cross-flow water double water jacket design, cylinder head The cooling is more uniform and the overall stiffness is higher, and the in-cylinder explosion pressure of more than 200 bar can be satisfied and the reliability is higher.

——Using integrated cooling and filtration modular design, in which the oil filter, oil pressure regulator, etc. are all consistent with the CA6DN1 (Olympic) diesel engine, with high versatility; the front-end accessory drive system is compact and functional Complete, complete machine parts have high interchangeability and versatility.

——Using engineering plastic cylinder head cover shell design, using internationally renowned company's formula material, has better high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and better impact strength; full floating structure installation method, so that the diesel engine has better Noise reduction and weight reduction effect; PTO output device is arranged on the rear flywheel housing and the output torque is 1200 Nm. It is the largest among similar models in China and can meet the needs of concrete mixers with 12 cubic meters or more.

—— Adopting a brand-new design concept, starting from the source of the design, the company pays attention to the requirements of low cost and high reliability of diesel engine parts; more than 95% of the parts and components of the whole machine use parts and components produced by domestic suppliers, including pistons and piston rings. Bearings, bushes, superchargers, filters, and two-cylinder air-pressure pumps, including fuel systems, and other major components, are provided by well-known international companies in the localization of domestic suppliers, with a higher price/performance ratio.

At present, CA6DM2 (Aoshen) engines have been batch-equipped to liberate J5 and J6 heavy-duty trucks, and have been used first among users in Anhui, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Fujian, Henan, and Inner Mongolia, and have been well received.

CA6DM2 (Ao Shen) is the ideal power for 30 to 40 tons of trucks, 10 to 13.7 meters of passenger cars, 50 loaders, luxury yachts, cement mixers, etc., and its outstanding performance has further strengthened the competitiveness of the e-liberation platform. The promotion and liberation of product platforms have been further expanded, especially making the J6 heavy truck the world's most suitable for the Chinese market environment and consumption level. At the same time, the CA6DM2 (Ao Shen) engine has begun to supply passenger cars for Suzhou Jinlong.

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