Why is the styrene detection alarm in the chemical factory warehouse always alarming?

Combustible gas alarm setting? The alarm value of the alarm should be set correctly. In general, the toxic gas alarm displays a concentration range of flammable gas (0 to 100%) LEL. The alarm setting value is generally at (20% to 30%) LEL. For instruments with secondary alarms, the primary alarm (high limit) setting should be less than or equal to 20% LEL; the secondary alarm (high high limit) setting should be less than or equal to 50% LEL. Select the installation location? Correctly select the installation location of the alarm. The alarm is a non-explosion-proof part and is fixedly installed in a safe place. The installation position should be selected for easy observation and maintenance, and there should be no strong electromagnetic fields around the normal operation of the instrument. Post-maintenance? When servicing the instrument, the detector must not be disassembled on site. Be careful when disassembling and installing explosion-proof parts, taking care not to damage the explosion-proof surface and the dirt.
The styrene detection alarm in the chemical factory warehouse can effectively detect the concentration of flammable gas and prevent the toxic gas concentration from exceeding the standard after the gas leakage. The flammable gas alarm is composed of a gas alarm controller and a gas detector. The flammable gas alarm controller can be placed in the duty room, and the monitoring points are mainly controlled. The flammable gas detector is installed at the most leaking place of the gas. The core component of the gas detector is a built-in gas sensor that detects the concentration of gas in the air. The gas detector converts the gas gas concentration detected by the sensor into an electrical signal and transmits it to the controller through a cable. The higher the concentration of the combustible gas, the stronger the electrical signal, when the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the alarm point set by the gas alarm controller. The gas alarm controller sends out an alarm signal, and can activate an external device such as a solenoid valve or an exhaust fan to automatically eliminate hidden dangers.
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