What is the difference between bamboo shoot drying and drying?

Bamboo shoots are delicious and delicious, and their nutritional value is very high. In order to facilitate storage, people usually dry it to make dried bamboo shoots. The dried bamboo shoots are bright and yellow, and the meat is tender and tender. It is rich in protein, cellulose, amino acids and trace elements. It has the effect of helping food and appetizing. Widely welcomed by consumers.

In general, the dried bamboo shoots must undergo multi-layer processing in the process of production, such as shelling, cooking (killing), pressing, drying, packaging, etc. Below we will give a detailed introduction to the drying process of dried bamboo shoots. Drying techniques for dried bamboo shoots are dried and dried.

Drying: Choose sunny days and put the bamboo shoots on the sun mat for the sun. But if you want to turn it over regularly, when it is dried to 90% dry, put it on the board and stratify it in layers. Then cover it with wood and add weight to let it regain moisture and flatten it, then 3-5 days. Dry (during the rainy days, it should be dried to avoid the spoilage of the bamboo shoots)

Drying: There is a steam generator on the market that specializes in drying bamboo shoots. Users can choose the drying steam generator that suits them according to their daily processing capacity. The bamboo shoot drying steam generator can be dried at a low temperature without destroying the molecular structure of the dried bamboo shoots. After drying out, the taste is very good. Dried bamboo shoot drying steam generator can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries, especially suitable for drying of flake, strip and granular materials with good ventilation, for filter cakes and paste materials. It can also be dried by molding after granulator or extrusion mechanism.

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