Valve industry status quo and development strategy of

With its unique charm, Shanghai produces products with internationally renowned brands. Among them, the control valve in the automatic control system is one of them, making its special contribution to the development of the national automation industry. Shanghai Chongming Island, Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Factory VII (formerly Chongming Instrumentation Telecommunications Factory), as early as 1966 to begin production of regulating valve, valve industry in China has become one of the earliest factories. After the reform and opening up in the 1980s, the company has developed even more rapidly. Shanghai Guanghui Instrument Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Dacheng Instrument Factory have successively set up more than 20 specialized manufacturers of regulating valves ranging in size. Chongming Island's annual sales of nearly 200 million valve, initially formed a grid of industrial development. However, the control valve industry in Shanghai has not yet formed a large group of production and cooperation, large-scale pattern, are in a fragmented state, thereby weakening the competitiveness of other divisions. Shanghai valve products should have great advantages, first, the level of specialized cooperation in Shanghai is relatively high. Second, through decades of development, all kinds of talented people have considerable advantages, and we can say that there are many talented people. Third, all enterprises have their own unique product advantages. For example, Shanghai High-Temperature and High-Pressure Products imported from Mesh Seven Plant belongs to the relatively domestic products which are relatively scarce in China. The Cv3000 series made by Shanghai Guanghui Instrument and Meter Co., Ltd. and the energy- Valves and other products to fill the gaps in the country in 2001 also seeks to work with Japan's Hill Production, for its processing, completed a number of production orders, the company already has considerable strength. Dacheng Instrument Factory special products have formed a certain scale of development, but it is the lack of a unified external competitive landscape. To make the valve products in Shanghai to rapid development, as a valve manufacturer, in the development strategy should make appropriate adjustments: As a national valve equipment, is the country's basic industries, the control valve is automated Control systems, end products, product standards should pay attention to research and corrosion-resistant products as well as high-pressure differential occasions, the product can be * research. Should be combined with the development of IT industry, focusing on tackling automation control system to solve the problem of digital control valve. Shanghai regulator valve industry is facing another potential competitors, is the valve industry's manufacturing enterprises to control the steering valve and other similar businesses to the extension of the Shanghai area. Therefore, facing more intense product quality and price competition, it is bound to form a new market structure. In Shanghai, the development of control valves in Chongming Island in particular should be restructured to establish a group production, sales and planning system and form a large-scale development pattern. The establishment of "Shanghai Regulating Valve Group" and the establishment of "Shanghai" brand. Todayadays, China has joined the WTO. Many manufacturing enterprises in the control valve of Chongming Island face not only the competition among the island enterprises, but also the enormous pressure of product competition with foreign companies and domestic large enterprises . Therefore, work together and take the road of union is an inevitable trend.