Ultra low-cost supply printing and packaging with two-way stretch plastic net

Anyang Zhengtailong Co., Ltd.) is specialized in the production of biaxially oriented plastic nets.
Performance characteristics: high strength, small deformation, uniform structure, easy construction and so on.
Use role: Each soft soil reinforcement treatment to enhance the shear strength of soil. Used in the reinforcement of old roads, such as retaining walls.
Packing specifications: width ≤ 6.1m, length 50m (or according to user requirements)
Manufacturers supply high-strength steel plastic geogrid plastic sticky grid and other geotechnical mine grille technical specifications specification type project unit false roof with guard width m1—31—3 mesh size mm50±450±4 single belt Breaking force ≥n40002000 Single tape breaking elongation ≤%55 Nodal peel force ≥n5050 Product surface resistance < ω1.0×1091.0×109 Product flame leaving time ≤s1010 Performance and advantages: High strength, innovative , low extension, low total amount, safety, anti-corrosion product use: coal mine base false roof network, can effectively prevent coal mine road collapse and cracks. Manager Zheng 13903727780 Yang Manager 13723235925
The single two-way adhesive welding grid is based on PP-reinforced strips with different embossed surfaces as the base belt, and is woven or clamped at a certain interval longitudinally and horizontally, and the joints are welded by using a special welding technique with enhanced bonding. Forming a grid

Mono Solar Panel

Mono Solar Panel is a robust Solar Module with 18, 36, 60,72 and 144 solar cells.These modules can be used for on-grid solar applications.Our meticulous design and production techniques ensure a high-yield,long-term performance for every module produced. Our rigorous quality control and in house testing facilities guarantee Resun Solar`s modules meet the highest quality standards possible.

Our company is located in Jintan District , ZhuLin Town, with its excellent productivity and quality , our products have received a lot of satisfaction from both of domestic and overseas market. Founded in 2015 ,and with 1WG production capacity , Resun Solar has rich experiences on medium and big size .Ground projects based on MW and small individual rooftop system based on KW and Resun Solar has more than 15 years experiences as qualified solar home system supplier for World Bank solar project , the projects distributes in most of Europe countries , Australia , Canada ,South America ,Africa , Middle East and Asia , We can provide customers with timely after sale service and efficient product supply,Insisting on its goal to convenient customer and build win-win cooperation with the good relationship with different solar system components partners,Resun Solar has built an industry alliance to supply solar power system integration solutions and solar application products.

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