Toyota responds to Jie Luchi’s high speed out of control

Toyota responds to Jie Luchi’s high speed out of control In response to the recent loss of control of Toyota's imported Coupe ZELAS users at high speed, Toyota China issued “Notes on Zhejiang Jielu Chi’s “Failure to Drive at High Speeds”,” stating that only four systems of vehicles have problems at the same time. It is possible to run out of control.

Recently, some media reported that Zhejiang owners cruised at a speed of 125 km/h on the Shenhai Highway. When they were preparing for a high speed, they found that the vehicle's brakes had failed and the handbrake was useless. After rushing for an hour and a half, he finally stopped after colliding with a large truck arranged by the police. After confirmed that this car is Toyota Jie Lu Chi.

In this regard, Toyota China stated that it was confirmed by the technical department that the vehicle could only happen under the condition that the four systems of the cruise control system, the brake system, the engine system, and the transmission system had problems at the same time. "The brake pedal cannot be stepped on, cruise control cannot be turned off, the speed at which the N gear is not changed, and the engine cannot be turned off." The same situation has not yet occurred globally. Toyota China stated that it is currently not available to the vehicle and it is therefore not yet possible to judge the relevant circumstances. The customer will be communicated to confirm the vehicle as soon as possible. And said that the progress of the matter will be announced in a timely manner related information.

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