The heat transfer effect is good. The boiling dryer is favored by the pharmaceutical industry.

The boiling dryer is a kind of high-efficiency drying equipment which is developed rapidly in the field of oral solid preparation drying and widely used. In the pharmaceutical industry, boiling dryers are mainly used in granulation in the pharmaceutical industry, such as tablet granules, granules, capsule granules, and the like.

In general, the boiling dryer is mainly composed of air inlet filtration system (primary effect, medium efficiency, high efficiency air filter), steam heater, main engine (material room, expansion room), induced draft fan, dust collector, electrical control system, operation The table is composed of components. Since the contact area between the material and the drying medium is large, and the material is continuously stirred vigorously in the bed, the heat transfer effect is good and the heat capacity coefficient is large.

In addition, due to the uniform temperature distribution in the fluidized bed, any local overheating of the product can be effectively avoided. Therefore, it is also suitable for the drying of certain heat sensitive materials. Continuous operation can be carried out in the same equipment, and intermittent operation can be carried out; the residence time of the material in the dryer can be adjusted as needed, so the moisture content of the product is relatively stable. The drying device itself does not include mechanical moving parts, so the investment cost of the equipment is relatively low, and the maintenance workload is relatively small.

With the continuous development of boiling drying technology, it has more and more models and applications. According to the introduction of boiling equipment manufacturers, boiling dryers have different types according to different classification methods of equipment. For example, according to the structural state, there are generally fluidized type, stirred fluidized type, and vibration; according to the operating conditions, it can be divided into continuous type and intermittent type.

The author has learned that there are currently high-efficiency boiling dryers. The application scope of the equipment mainly includes: mechanism screw extrusion granules, rocking granules, wet high-speed mixed granulation granules; wet granules and powdery materials in the fields of medicine, food, feed, chemical industry, etc.; large particles, small blocks, and viscous Granular material; materials such as Capricorn, polyacrylamide, etc. that change in volume during drying.

The fluidized bed of the high-efficiency boiling dryer has a circular structure to avoid dead angles. The hopper is set to agitate to avoid the agglomeration of wet materials and to form a channel when drying; the tipping and discharging is convenient, rapid and thorough, and the automatic feeding and discharging system can also be designed according to requirements. In addition, the closed negative pressure operation, the air flow through the filtration, the operation is simple, the cleaning is convenient; the drying speed is fast and the temperature is uniform.

The horizontal boiling dryer is also a commonly used one, which is composed of an air filter, a bubbling bed host, a cyclone separator, a bag filter, a high-pressure centrifugal fan, and a console. The clean hot air is distributed into the bed through the seesaw; the wet material entering from the feeder is boiled by hot air. Due to the wide contact between hot air and materials, the process of heat and mass transfer is enhanced, so it can be dried in a short time.

The clean hot air enters from one end of the bed, and after boiling for several tens of seconds to several minutes, it automatically flows out from the other end of the bed. The horizontal boiling dryer can be automated production. It is a continuous drying equipment with fast drying speed and low temperature, which can ensure the product quality meets the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.

The vibrating fluidized bed dryer mainly enters the machine from the material inlet. Under the action of the vibration force, the material is thrown along the horizontal fluidized bed and moves forward continuously. The hot air then passes through the fluidized bed and exchanges heat with the wet material. After the humid air is removed by the cyclone separator, it is discharged by the exhaust air 1:3, and the dry material is discharged from the discharge inlet.

According to the introduction of the relevant manufacturers, the vibration source of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is driven by a vibration motor, which is stable in operation, convenient in maintenance, low in noise and long in life. In addition, the device has good adjustability, wide adaptability, thickness of the material layer and movement speed in the machine and uniform change of full amplitude, which can realize stepless adjustment.

The boiling dryer has a fast drying time, and the produced product has good fluidity, dispersibility and solubility. Because the products produced by the boiling dryer are of high quality, fast operation, saving time and effort, the equipment is also favored by the pharmaceutical industry.

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