The foundation for the largest paint production base in southern Hunan

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China Drying News On December 5th, Hunan Hengyang Songmu Industrial Park welcomed another new member. Hunan Hengyang Paint Factory held an overall relocation ceremony. After the company's overall technological transformation is relocated to the park, it will invest 75 million yuan to build a 10,000-ton annual coating project and create the largest paint production base in southern Hunan. The project is divided into two phases. The main products are industrial paints, with emphasis on heavy anti-corrosion coatings, water-based paints and environmental protection paints as the development direction, and various types of blending paints as the foundation. The overall relocation project will strive to be completed and put into operation in August next year. The commissioning of the new project has achieved environmental protection, safety, energy saving and emission reduction, and has become another bright spot in Hengyang's economic development.

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