The demand for construction machinery in Heilongjiang Province has grown substantially

Recently, the demand for construction and construction machinery in Heilongjiang Province has grown substantially. Sales have continued to grow steadily on the basis of the increase in last year. Famous and high-quality products have become popular, and the prices of most products are relatively stable.

At present, the scale of investment in fixed assets in the province has grown considerably compared to last year, and investment in infrastructure has increased steadily. In addition, large- and medium-sized construction projects and infrastructure projects have started to increase substantially. Right now, local investment in the transformation of “old cities” in the large and medium-sized cities of the province and reconstruction of public facilities has continued unabated. The process of housing reform in cities and towns has been accelerating, farmers’ housing concepts have been updated, and more and more rural households have invested in the construction of new houses, prompting an increase in the area of ​​urban and rural housing construction. In order to increase production capacity, engineering construction units are eager to buy construction machinery.

Seen from the specific varieties, the demand for large and medium-sized wheel loaders, bucket hydraulic excavators and wheeled scrapers has steadily increased, and brand-name products are particularly popular. The urban and rural housing construction has been accelerated. The demand for steel prefabrication machinery, concrete mixers, high-rise building foundation drilling machines, electric floor tile cutters, paint sprayers, aluminum presses, tower cranes, hangers and parts has been greatly increased. Favored. The rapid development of urban and rural highway networks has increased the demand for road rollers, highway asphalt pavers, cement mortar shakers, wheel bulldozers, Dongfeng, Liberated dump trucks, concrete pump trucks, and large-scale automobile cranes; The demand for auto hoists and various types of traditional hoists below 5 tons has slowed down, presenting an oversupply situation. The demand for special machinery for the construction of sanitation, gardens and bridges is increasingly promising. Construction and construction machinery produced by well-known township and township enterprises had poor quality of some products, and despite the sudden price drop, no one was interested. Some advanced technologies with advanced international standards, modern construction machinery are favored, but the supply is insufficient.

It is expected that with the gradual increase in investment in infrastructure projects and the acceleration of urban and rural residential construction, the demand for construction machinery will increase substantially, and new products with famous and high-quality products will be in short supply.
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Forklift parts investment casting

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