The automotive industry drives the development of dashboards and foam materials

According to reports, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the automobile industry development plan will be substantially revised on the basis of previous industrial policies. At present, the China Auto Technology Research Center and the China Automobile Industry Association and other industry sectors are formulating preliminary plans.

According to the forecast of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the vehicle production capacity planned for the end of 2015 will reach 31.24 million vehicles. The great development that the automobile industry will usher will drive the market of auto parts, including automotive dashboards and other products. The automobile dashboard product itself has characteristics such as large volume and low loss, and the products are mainly supplied by domestic suppliers. The substantial increase in domestic automobile production will bring development opportunities to the domestic dashboard market.

It is understood that the dashboards currently used in China can be divided into hard dashboards and soft dashboards. Among them, the soft dashboard is formed by polyurethane reaction foaming and is usually used in mid- to high-end cars. Shanghai Yanfeng Visteon Trim Systems Co., Ltd., an auto interiors manufacturer that will participate in the 2010 International Polyurethane Summit - Automotive Polyurethane Industry Chain Forum, said that the common process for polyurethane foaming in soft car dashboards is mold opening and closing. Pouring two kinds.

Dashboard foam will develop in the direction of market demand in the future. Visteon stated that the current performance requirements of polyurethane foams for dashboards used by downstream companies include mechanical performance requirements, thermal aging/photo aging requirements, adhesion to the skin skeleton, odor and emission requirements, airbag blasting requirements, and materials cryogenic machinery Performance requirements and laser weakening requirements.

It is understood that at this forum of automotive polyurethane industry chain, Visteon Decorations will analyze the structure of automobile dashboards and the foam materials used in dashboards, and explain the current market performance requirements for foam materials for dashboards and predict this. The future development trend of this kind of material.

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