“Take the Road” Bonded Port Chongqing’s Commercial Vehicle Market is Unlimited

In contrast to the “fire” in the first half of the commercial vehicle market last year and the ups and downs of “ice” in the second half of the year, the market started to steadily rise before and after the Spring Festival. Statistics on the commercial vehicle market show that from January this year, the overall growth of the heavy truck industry reached 10%.

“After the Spring Festival, our sales situation in the entire southwest region has been in short supply.” Like the quietly changing season, the commercial vehicle market is picking up, and Jiang Xingbin, head of regional sales of Chongqing Commercial Vehicles SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicles, feels warm.

In his view, industry growth is affected by the government's introduction of several favorable policies to stimulate domestic demand and stimulate the economy. The regional growth is the role of the establishment of the Chongqing Bonded Port to drive the development of commercial vehicles in the western region, and the need for post-disaster reconstruction in the Sichuan region.

"Ten Billion Feast" to Eat

On December 18, 2008, the Chongqing Bonded Port Area was officially listed and operated. “After the Chongqing Bonded Port Area was established, it will become the port city with 21st provincial (municipal, autonomous region) policies with the best policies, the most complete functions and the highest degree of openness, and the shipping center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and will become a bridgehead for Chongqing companies to go abroad.” Huang Qifan, standing member of the municipal party committee and standing deputy mayor, introduced the press conference.

For Chongqing, the establishment of a bonded port will drive the accelerated economic development in Chongqing and even the western region. For commercial vehicles, the construction of the bonded port will generate greater demand for special vehicles such as heavy dump trucks. After the project is put into use, the logistics and transportation network it covers will use Chongqing as the point and radiate the major western provinces and cities such as Yunguichuan to drive sales growth of containers, tractors and light trucks.

“The output value of the bonded port for the logistics industry and commercial vehicle companies will be measured in billions.” Xia Yi, president of the Chongqing Logistics Association, believes that in the face of this “billion-dollar feast”, the first benefit will be commercial vehicles. Manufacturers and sellers.

It is particularly evident that Hongyan Automobile Co., Ltd., a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Chongqing, is located in Chongqing. Jiang Xingbin said that since January of this year, the overall growth of the heavy truck industry has reached 10%, while Hongyan's growth has reached 20%, which is higher than the industry average. The difference from the slow recovery in other regions is that sales growth in the southwestern region is particularly prominent.

As another important role of infrastructure construction, the construction of bonded ports will also have immediate demand for construction machinery. “The relevant personnel have been arranged to follow and follow up.” The person in charge of Chongqing Sifang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. stated that the country’s strong support for the development of the western region, the emphasis on infrastructure construction in Chongqing, and the “big meal” of the establishment of the bonded port will all stimulate the project. The rapid development of machinery in 2009.

If the construction of the bonded port is the "head dish" of heavy commercial vehicles, the "dinner" after its completion will leave seats for light commercial vehicles. The person in charge of Chongqing FAW Hongta Sales Area believes that the demand for light trucks will not be large at the beginning of the construction of the bonded port, but its stimulation of the terminal logistics market will drive the activity of the light truck market in the entire western region.

Network upgrade opportunity line

As a means of production, commercial vehicles have always been the "money making tools" in people's eyes. Compared with the passenger vehicle market, services and marketing are generally weak in the commercial vehicle industry, especially in the construction of marketing networks.

Zhou Mubing, deputy mayor of Chongqing City, interpreted the function of the Chongqing Bonded Port. According to the long-term plan, the Chongqing Bonded Port will form a cross-border transport network of waterways, aviation, and railways, making it truly a hub and making the entire Chongqing area in the western region. With a large network of traffic and major arteries, Chongqing will once again become a logistics center and transportation center in the southwest region and even the western region.

Based on the above points of view, commercial vehicle market analysts have analyzed that after Chongqing’s bonded port area has the comprehensive advantages of “water port + airport + railway”, commercial vehicle companies can not only significantly reduce logistics costs, but also “borrow” bonded ports to further enhance the western region. And even the national marketing service network "quality" and "quantity."

"If sales continue to grow further, we will consider establishing a service network for the bonded port." Jiang Xingbin said that the work is already in the making and will wait for opportunities based on market feedback.

It is also worth noting that while most commercial vehicle companies are pursuing sales volume, the bonded port “feast” has also raised more issues for commercial vehicle companies.

Chongqing Bonded Port is the fourth inland bonded port area in mainland China after Shanghai Yangshan Port, Tianjin Dongjiang Port and Dalian Dayao Bay Port. In the early days of its establishment, its diversity and supporting functions could not be achieved in one step. Xia Yi example, there is currently no large-scale maintenance company that specializes in logistics vehicle service in Chongqing. Most of the social maintenance factories are not standardized and professional is not strong. "This is both a market gap and a market opportunity."

He believes that enterprises should seize opportunities when the market is not yet started. On the one hand, Chongqing should develop and adjust differentiated products suitable for local traffic conditions based on the unique regional characteristics of Chongqing; on the other hand, it should refer to other bonded port commercial vehicles and logistics companies. Advanced experience, active support and layout. "Anyone who can seize the market's blank spots will win the opportunity."

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