Quanzhou builds largest domestic rooftop solar power project

The reporter learned from relevant departments yesterday that as the country’s largest solar-power project for building roofs, the Fujian Haixi Photovoltaic Power System has started construction and is expected to be connected to the grid in November of this year and passed acceptance in December.

According to reports, the Fujian Haixi Photovoltaic Power System was declared in August last year and was approved on December 31 last year. The project landed in Nananquan South Industrial Park. The installed capacity of the Golden Sun demonstration power plant reached 3,000 kilowatts, and the entire project was built in 8 buildings from different places in Nan'an. The roof of the standard factory building invested by the businessman, occupying a roof area of ​​30,000 square meters, is the largest solar power project for building roofs in China. After the project is completed, it will be integrated into the power grid to provide power for the public.

It is understood that the user-side grid-connected photovoltaic power generation demonstration project using the existing conditions of large-scale industrial and mining, commercial enterprises, and public welfare institutions is the first of the five major projects of the state financial subsidies for Golden Sun demonstration projects. The projects included in the Golden Sun demonstration project will, in principle, be subsidized at 50% of the total investment in the photovoltaic power generation system and its associated transmission and distribution projects.

Lin Wenxue, Chairman of Luxe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for the construction of the Fujian Haixi Photovoltaic Power Generation System, said that the entire project investment was 87 million yuan and the financial subsidies for the state Golden Sun demonstration project were 43.5 million yuan. At present, 70% of the capital has been paid. Lin Wen told reporters that the relevant provincial departments have been down to investigate the price of solar power and grid connection. It is estimated that the paper will be issued soon. “The grid-connected subsidies should be more than 1 yuan,” Lin Wenxi said. The cycle of investment recovery for solar power projects is long, and there should be other project subsidies to promote them.

In addition to Fujian Haixi Photovoltaic Power Generation System, two projects in our city won the first batch of Golden Sun demonstration project grants. The installed capacity of the three projects reached 6406.26 kilowatts, and received a special grant of 100 million yuan. The installed capacity of the Golden Sun demonstration power plant in Fujian Haixi Photovoltaic Power Generation System and Hui'an Green Valley Taiwanese High-tech Industrial Base was the largest, reaching 3,000 kilowatts respectively. In addition, the installed capacity of the Jinjiang Administrative Approval Service Center and the City Pavilion's grid-connected photovoltaic power generation demonstration project also reached 406.26 kW.

Professor Cui Rongqiang, a solar energy expert who has been on numerous occasions and a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, said in an interview with reporters that the development of the photovoltaic solar energy industry in Quanzhou is well-founded, with the advantages of silicon materials, the upstream industry has a certain foundation, and a scientific research platform has been established. . The start-up of the three “Golden Sun Projects” has given the industry a general interest in its pull on the upstream industry. The reporter learned that at the Nan'an Opto-electronics Information Industry Base, a newly-built solar module company will soon be put into production, and its products will be supplied first to the needs of the Fujian Haixi photovoltaic power generation system.

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