New Technology Used in Drying Machine

The conventional dryer adopts the method that moisture is removed from a material at a fixed temperature. Moisture is not easy to be removed by means of heat convection, and therefore, the surface of the material is often overheated and is easy to break up. To solve this problem, vacuum drying technology is applied, and a vacuum dryer is developed to fully utilize the technology. The vacuum drying technology can dry a material at a very low temperature and is very good for drying sensitive materials, oxygen sensitive materials, flammable materials, etc. Microwave drying technology is also adopted, because it has the advantages of high conversion of microwave energy into thermal energy, selectivity, self-regulation in the case of drying, etc. New technologies realize drying effectiveness for industry.

Environmental protection and energy saving of drying machine

As one of the most common engineering processes, drying is very indispensible in chemical and pharmaceutical processes. Therefore, energy consumption of conventional drying method is very large, and heat exhaust harms the environment. After vacuum drying technology is adopted, environment protection is achieved, because the vacuum dryer is a close system where hazardous gases can be well controlled and heat can be easily recovered. What's more, microwave drying technology is adopted, microwave irradiation can interact with the material, and therefore, the technology results in a great time and energy saving. The new technologies fully realize the goals of environmental protection and energy saving.

The development of technology greatly determines the future of drying equipment. The development trend of the drying equipment will be large-scale, high-strength and high economical efficient so as to improve the adaptability of raw materials and product quality. The demands for advanced drying equipments and the development of industry require rapid development and improvement of drying equipment. The future of the drying equipment will be very bright.