Major manufacturers slam their brakes on the 2011 auto market or enter the adjustment year

"The market can't always run at a high speed. The past two years have been abnormal development years." Entering the new year, the risk of strong sales has become greater and greater. Although the terminal is busy, there are long queues for best-selling cars, but many manufacturers have become more cautious when it comes to planning sales tasks for the new year. The reporter found that compared with the optimistic leap forward of the same period last year, this year the manufacturers are very cautious, many manufacturers have reduced the growth rate, some companies have defined 2011 as the adjustment year, most of the manufacturers have said that compared to the sales in December 2010 In the first quarter, the auto market may see negative growth.

Joint venture manufacturers reduce their annual tasks

“I expect the annual growth to be about 15%.” After boarding the throne of the annual sales championship, Ding Lei, general manager of Shanghai GM, was more cautious about this year's plan. Ding Lei said that abnormal growth in the past two years has already overdrawn the automobile market. Coupled with expectations of inflation and cancellation of various preferential policies in 2011, it is an indisputable fact that farewell to high growth in 2011.

“I think the market will still grow, but it will not be as fast as these two years. After all, the base is big.” Shen Wansong, general manager of Shanghai Volkswagen South China Development Group, although unwilling to predict the specific industry development figures, but in the terminal, the brand dealers The monthly sales plan was also made more pragmatic than last year.

In addition to Shanghai GM and Shanghai Volkswagen, many joint ventures have adjusted their sales targets. Including FAW Toyota and Shanghai Volkswagen, all set 2011 growth targets below 15%. Recently, major auto companies announced their sales and sales plans for 2011. Yifeng's annual sales target is 550,000, an increase of 10%; Dongfeng Nissan's annual sales target is 772,000, an increase of 28.7%; Mazda’s sales in China are: 280,000 vehicles, an increase of 20%. "This is a signal that all joint-venture manufacturers are adjusting their directions and planning ahead. This shows that everyone feels the market changes before the storm hits," said a joint venture brand dealer.

Surface prosperity hidden risk

"Regardless of the large displacement or small displacement, we have no cars in the entire department." Recently, Beijing Hyundai has dealers to reporters. Reporters learned that Shanghai General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, etc... Many of the best-selling models under these brands have no current car. However, rational dealers believe that the auto market at the end of last year, the "car rush" tide, actually overdrawn the market demand in 2011. The auto market in January of this year must have negative growth compared with last December, and the probability of negative growth in the entire first quarter will increase significantly.

"According to previous years, most dealers will digest orders in January, but from the perspective of the overall market environment this year, the level of bubbles is getting higher and higher, and the hidden risks inside are naturally increasing." One was immersed in the sales market 9 According to the person in charge of the sales shop for more than a year, “risk first comes from the negative market effect caused by the expansion of major companies.” The data shows that the 2012 domestic production capacity of the top six automotive groups (including planned) has reached 22 million. . The person quoted the above-mentioned enterprise expansion data and explained to reporters that in 2011, most automakers' expansion plans will enter the implementation stage. If the auto market demand is not as large as expected, it will inevitably cause excess capacity. "This situation has not been encountered before. When everyone is doing the same thing crazy, there is always a hidden risk."

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