Great Wall Auto Parts and Logistics Project settled in Tianjin Binhai New Area

Great Wall Auto Parts and Logistics Project started construction in Binhai New Area on February 6. The project is located in the west area of ​​the development zone, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan and an area of ​​1.3 million square meters. It mainly consists of 150,000 sets of KD assembly projects, 150,000 sets of auto parts projects and export logistics projects. In the context of the international financial crisis, the formal start of the project reflects the investor’s confidence in the prospects for the development of the Binhai New Area, and is of great significance for realizing the internationalization strategic goals of the Great Wall Motor Company and promoting the development of the Tianjin auto industry.

Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. is China's first private vehicle auto company listed on Hong Kong H-shares, and it is also the largest professional manufacturer of pickups and SUVs in China. Its products are sold in 128 countries and regions worldwide. The company's construction of auto parts and logistics export projects in Tianjin can make full use of the good industrial base, rich scientific and technological resources and convenient port conditions of the Binhai New Area, which will significantly reduce production and transportation costs, accelerate the development of the international market, and achieve greater development of the company. .

In another development, the automobile industry is one of the important industries in the Binhai New Area. At present, there are altogether 113 auto manufacturing companies and auto parts manufacturers in the Development Zone, and nearly 100 auto sales service companies. In 2008, the production capacity of the development zone reached 365,800. Last year, the Development Zone revised the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of the Tianjin TEDA's auto industry and formulated more specific development goals. By 2010, TEDA’s vehicle production capacity will reach 500,000 to 600,000 units, and the auto industry output value will be 100 billion yuan. The total vehicle production capacity will reach 1 million to 1.2 million by 2015.

Tianjin Lijun, Standing Committee Member of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of Binhai New Area, attended the ceremony and heard a report on the progress of the project construction.

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