Fire hydrant pump control room fire equipment inspection and maintenance

Fire hydrant pump control room fire fighting equipment inspection and maintenance A? Fire alarm system inspection and maintenance Daily fire fire alarm controller self-test Function check:
a) Press the self-test button to let the alarm controller perform self-test.
b) Then press the silence key to cancel the controller's sound.
B? Fire hydrant pump month inspection and maintenance a) to complete the daily inspection and maintenance of all content;
b) The main controller voltage test;
c) Public places smoke sensor, temperature sensor installation inclination of not more than 45 °, the contact with the base is good, the appearance is clean and intact;
d) random sampling no less than 5% of the smoke sensor, check the alarm after the smoke is correct;
e) manual alarm button to check the installation is solid, with or without damage and loss;
f) Optional two manual alarm button for analog alarm, test alarm function is normal;
g) Check the appearance of each box in the road inside the floor, the external wiring is fixed well;
h) fire alarm control cabinet, linkage control cabinets and other cleaning dust. Loose lines should be tightened. On the self-test, silencer, reset function check, the main power and standby power switch, alarm check.
C? Year inspection and maintenance according to "fire service equipment maintenance record table" implementation.
D? Hydrant pump maintenance Pump body:
a) Check, add, replace lubricating oil, such as oil discoloration, iron scrap should be replaced;
b) leak check: packing well, no water pump, overflow, trachoma, pump shaft seepage without overflow to the ground;
c) Turn flexible, no jammed shell, the pump shaft and the motor shaft in the same centerline, the base fastening, screws without rust (rust-proof measures), gasket Qi.
d) The appearance of clean, well-painted, clear signs, nameplate writing clear.
E? Valves, pipes and accessories:
a) Valve opening and closing flexible, no jamming, close tight, no leakage inside and outside;
b) valve body, handle intact, stem lubrication, clean appearance;
c) Check valve flexible action, no water leakage;
d) pressure gauge pointer flexible, accurate instructions, the dial is clear, easy to observe the location, solid good, the table valve and joints impermeable.
F fire hydrant pump motor:
a) clean and tidy appearance, clear nameplate, solid fastening of all components, protective cover of coupling;
b) The lug connection end is tight and solid, no signs of discoloration, no exposed parts, good grounding.

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