ERMA ballast water management system installs 2 new ships

ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions SA has successfully completed the installation of the “Erma First” ballast water management system for two container ships being built by Zhejiang Ouhua, China. The ship owner is Evalend Shipping Co. SA of Greece.
It is reported that the contract was selected by the shipyard and shipowner in the "Erma First" system to defeat another seven competitors in 2012. It is based on the system's cost efficiency and the dual filtration system equipped with the system.
Ouhua Shipbuilding inspected the ERMA FIRST headquarters and factory in July 2012. The system was very satisfied with the test on the Costamare container ship “Cosco Guanzhou”, using the German “Neptun Ship Design”.
The two new vessels are expected to be delivered in the first half of 2014.
The “Erma First” system also includes orders for a new bulk carrier (built by Japanese shipyards for Niovis Shipping), two new PCTCs (built by Neptune Lines in Korea) and three new OSVs from Indian shipyards.

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