Electric power infrastructure development drives instrumentation industry

With the rapid development of China's electric power industry, the stability of the user's power supply is also increasing, and the number and size of the battery packs that are the basic supporting facilities for communication power supply are also expanding. Therefore, the power companies have hundreds or even more in each region. Thousands of batteries need to be maintained. Faced with a large number of battery types, a wide range of storage batteries need to carry out daily maintenance and fault repair, and power maintenance personnel are less such a 'man less' conflict, battery management and maintenance workers feel increasingly confused . Therefore, how to use a set of advanced test and maintenance tools and establish a set of scientific and reasonable maintenance mechanisms to achieve maximum and scientific maintenance work efficiency, and to upgrade the management level to adapt to the development of the situation becomes extremely urgent. Become a goal that communication power maintenance workers pursue.

In recent years, the frequency of frequently occurring communication equipment or UPS equipment failure is mostly caused by the battery. The battery is a chemical substance and it is sealed. Its health is difficult to observe through the naked eye, considering that the UPS is a communication network. The key facilities in key infrastructure are also the focus of communication power maintenance. In recent years, both the telecommunication operators and the majority of private network users have paid more and more attention to the maintenance of battery packs, and have established maintenance procedures.

As a result, there has been a huge market demand for instrumentation that detects batteries. On October 27, the China Electricity Council released the forecast report on the supply and demand of electricity in the first three quarters of 2011. It is forecasted that the nation's largest power shortage will reach 30 million to 40 million kilowatts this winter and next spring. In 2011, China’s total installed power capacity will exceed 1 billion kilowatts, but local power shortages have not been eased. This also means that there is considerable room for development in this electrical instrumentation.

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