Create a strong country for the import and export of mechanical products

The "10th Five-Year Plan" of the "Mechanical Industry" clearly states that the general development direction of China's machinery industry in the coming period of time is: to expand from the production services that are mainly means of production to the dual areas of production and consumption; to develop from large countries that import machinery and equipment. Become a strong country in the import and export of mechanical products; to develop from a big producer of mechanical products into a mechanical industrial power with strong market competitiveness.
The overall thinking is: market-oriented, reform and technological innovation as the driving force, structural adjustment as the main line, vigorously promote the optimization of industrial organization structure and industrial structure upgrading, accelerate the development of key products that are urgently needed in the market, and cultivate a batch of strong international competition The large-scale enterprise groups of the company continue to improve the overall quality of the machinery industry and the ability to equip the national economy, laying a solid foundation for realizing the revitalization of the machinery industry in 2010.
During the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, the overall goal of structural adjustment of the machinery industry is an average annual growth rate of about 10%. In 2005, the output value of the machinery industry accounted for about 26% of the country's total industrial value; the contribution rate of the machinery industry to the growth of GDP was further increased, the industrial added value accounted for more than 6% of the GDP, and the foreign exchange earned through exports reached 83 billion RMB. The United States dollar accounts for 28% of the country's total foreign trade exports.
The focus of structural adjustment: The first is to overcome the promotion of a number of key technologies. With enterprises as the main body, we support the combination of independent innovation, technology import, and cooperation and development, follow the market demand, track the technological development trend of the world's machinery and automotive products, highlight the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry with information technology and high technology, and focus on research and promotion. Key technologies and common technologies that promote technological advancement and sustainable development of the industry. Including manufacturing process and production management information technology, electromechanical integration product technology, advanced power transmission and distribution product technology and power electronics application technology, numerical control processing technology, digital, intelligent industrial control system and instrumentation technology, fuel economy, Environmental-friendly engine product technology, advanced automotive manufacturing technology, marketing and service network technology.
The second is to support the development of a number of key products, mainly in four areas: related to the national economy and people's livelihood, involving national economic security and have a major impact on industrial restructuring; it is a major technological equipment for national key construction services; significant economies of scale and relevance to related industries Larger automotive products; the application of advanced agricultural services, advanced agricultural equipment; and the supply of CNC machine tools and other key basic products for the entire manufacturing industry.
The third is to nurture and foster a group of advantageous enterprises.
The fourth is to limit the elimination of backward equipment. Mainly to limit the expansion of production capacity of long-term products, eliminating backward products and production processes. Encourage enterprises to develop offshore processing trade, and particularly encourage powerful enterprises to set up factories abroad to set up factories and participate in international division of labor. Encourage large-scale enterprises such as motorcycles, agricultural machinery, and power transmission and transformation equipment to use technological advantages to establish manufacturing and distribution bases in developing countries. Give full play to the external liaison role of intermediary agencies, actively develop overseas participation activities, and strengthen information communication.
Take advantage of the accession to the WTO and accelerate integration and integration with the international economy. Actively expand joint ventures and cooperation with foreign advanced enterprises, make full use of foreign capital, technology, talents, management and other resources, speed up the pace of technology introduction, digestion and absorption, and independent innovation, encourage joint ventures and cooperation with foreign countries to build technology development centers, and accelerate the upgrading of China's machinery industry. The level of technology.
It is reported that China’s machinery industry has absorbed a total of US$36.5 billion in foreign investment agreements, actually used US$17 billion in foreign capital, opened 14,000 foreign-invested enterprises, employed 2.2 million employees, and had sales revenue of 460 billion yuan in 2000.
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