China's future development focus of sensors and instrumentation components

Sensors and instrument components are among the most basic components of instrumentation and automation systems. Sensors and instrumentation components are characterized by a wide range of services, a wide variety of products, and a large demand. The improvement of their technological level and product quality will lay the foundation for China's manufacturing informatization.

Current situation and problems China's sensor and instrumentation technologies and products have been greatly improved through development. There are more than 1,600 enterprises and institutions in the country engaged in the research, development and production of sensors and instrument components. However, compared with foreign countries, the product variety and quality level of sensors and meter components in China cannot yet meet the needs of the domestic market. The overall level is still at the level of foreign countries in the early 1990s. The main problems that exist are:

(1) Poor scientific and technological innovation, the core manufacturing technology lags far behind that of foreign countries, there are few products with independent intellectual property rights, and the varieties are not complete, and the product technology level is different from that of foreign countries by about 15 years.

(2) The investment intensity is low, the research equipment and production technology equipment are backward, the achievement level is low, and the product quality is poor.

(3) The disconnect between science and technology and production, affecting the transformation of scientific research results, the overall strength is relatively low, and the potential for industrial development is insufficient.

Strategic Objectives By 2020, the sensor and instrumentation components should strive to achieve three strategic goals:

−−- Focusing on industrial control, automotive, communications, and environmental protection as the key service areas, focusing on sensors, flexible components, optical components, and special circuits, and developing original technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights;

−−- Based on MEMS technology, relying on integrated, intelligent, and networked technologies to strengthen the manufacturing process and the development of new sensors and instrumentation components, leading products to reach and approach the advanced level of similar foreign products;

−−-In order to increase the variety, improve the quality and economic efficiency as the main goal, accelerate the industrialization, so that the domestic sensor and instrument components of the species share of 70% to 80%, high-end products up to 60%.

Development of key sensor technologies (1) MEMS process and new generation solid state sensor microstructure manufacturing process: deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process or IGP process; packaging process: such as normal temperature bonding flip-chip welding, stress-free thin and thin structure packaging, and more Chip assembly process; new sensors: such as micro-silicon capacitive sensors, micro-silicon mass flow sensors, aerospace dynamic sensors, micro sensors, automotive pressure, acceleration sensors, environmental protection micro-chemical sensors.


It is high-performance water reducing agent is 3rd generation high-performance water reducing agent. It has excellent comprehensive index. And it is green and environmental friendly product.

It has excellent dispersing capacity. It is especially appropriate for mortar, wear-resistant floor, self-leveling floor and grouting material.

Features and Benefits:

1. Excellent compatibility with various types of cements.

2. High water reducing rate, low dosage, and low slump loss.

3. Low chloride and alkali content, no corrosion to steel-bar.

4. High stability: no precipitation at low temperature.

5. Environmental friendly and nontoxic.

6.Cement paste fluidity more than 250mm,with a dosage of 0.1%.

7.Short delivery time and good sales-after service.


1.Used in high performance and high strength concrete with high construction requirements.

2.Used in high slump concrete,ready minxed concrete,and pumping concrete.

3.Used in the concrete of high buildings,hydraulic engineering,transport system,port engineering,and municipal engineering etc.

4.Used in other high-lift concrete for specific building.

Mainly Model:DOP,DOA,DINP and DOTP

Phthalate Plasticizer,Phthalic Acid Esters,Concrete Plasticizer,Drywall Plasticizer

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