Ce Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath

Model NO.: HH-1
Product Name: Water Bath Circulator
Max Temperature(ºC): 0~99; 0~250.
Liquid Storage: 0.5-50L
Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz
Number of Heating Tube: 1
Cycle Way: Sealed Magnetic Pump Cycles
Pressure: 1.45MPa
Trademark: ZZKD
Transport Package: Packed in Wooden Case
Specification: 570*470*765mm
Origin: Zhengzhou, China
HS Code: 8419899090
CE Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath Stirrer 

Product Application:

1. CE Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath Stirrer applies in the distillation, dry, concentration and thermostatic heating of chemical medicine and biological products in laboratories of fields of medical care units, science and research, chemical industry, pharmacy, etc.
2. Reasonable structure, stability, good performance.
Ce Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath
  Models Capacity (L) Power(KW) Inner diameter(mm) Power Supply Temp.range(ºC)
Thermostatic  Bath HHZK-YY 0.5 0.4  Φ160*90 220V 50/60HZ RT-250
HHZK-YY 1 0.5   Φ180*100
HHZK-YY 2 0.8  Φ200*130
HHZK-YY 3 1.2  Φ240*140
HHZK-YY 5 1.5  Φ260*150
HHZK-YY 5 2  Φ280*170
HHZK-YY 10 3.5  Φ350*300
HHZK-YY 20 4.5  Φ450*350
HHZK-YY 50 6  Φ550*450
Multifunctional Bath HHZK-YY(WO) 2 1.2  Φ240*140 with lifting
HHZK-YY(WO) 3 1.5  Φ260*150 with lifting
HHZK-YY(WO) 5 2  Φ280*170 with lifting
HHZK-YY(WO) 10 3.5  Φ400*240 with lifting
HHZK-YY(WO) 20 4.5  Φ450*270 with lifting
HHZK-YY(WO) 50 6  Φ550*320 with lifting 380V 50/60HZ

Main Features:
1. It adopts stainless steel core and movable top lid, and high quality electrostatic spray shell.
2. Heating tube in the middle water, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, low power consumption, and electronic thermostat
3. Not only digital display but also pressure gauge display, (Z stands for digital display, S voltmeter display), both add extended temp control device, making temp control more accurate.

Ce Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath
Ce Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath
Ce Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath

  • The product will be packed in wooden case, and also can be packed by others ways as your request.
  • Both neutral and cuistomized packing are available.


  • We can ship the goods to you by international express,such as DHL, UPS, TNT and so on. And you can choose the appropriate way based on your timeline and budget. Besides, you can choose to use your own shipping agent.
Shipping method Note
Express Door to door, very convenient, don't need to clearance or pick-up
By air

Airport to airport, you need to do the customs clearance and pick up  the

goods at your local airport,which you can have a local shipping agent to do for you.

By sea
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at your local port, which you can have a local shipping agent to do for you.

Ce Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath

Company and Service:

Zhengzhou Keda Machinery and Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a famous manufacturer of lab equipment located in the central China.
The main product is high temperature circulating water/oil bath,rotary evaporator, short path distillation, glass reactor, circulating water vacuum pump, low temperature reaction bath (slot), cooling chiller,drying oven, high-pressure reaction kettle, freeze dryer, water/oil bath, magnetic heating stirrer, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, heating mantle, lift jack, etc.
Our company has become a pacesetter of the lab instruments in China.

Ce Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Bath

Pre-sale service:
24 Hours online service for your consult.
Help choose right model,and a series of service,person,advise. 
Middle service:
--Give you best offer
--Provide discount for many sets order
--Do customer's request:
--Choose payment term you convienent.
--Promptly production and delivery,inform you in time.
--Can provide invoice value as you like to decrease your tax. 
After sale service:
--1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
--Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
--Free change for some parts
--Remote control technical consult
--Free installation DVD
--Maintenance plan

1. Can I use oil bath instead of water bath ?
2. Which heat transfer oil you recommend ?
 320 high temperature heat transfer oil, or according your requirement .
3. Are you equipped with heat transfer oil free ?
Sorry, we can not provide heat transfer oil, because oil is prohibited to delivery.
4. Are you a factory or trading company?
    We are a factory.
5. Can I use oil bath instead of water bath ?
6. Which heat transfer oil you recommend ?
    320 high temperature heat transfer oil, or according to your requirements.
7. Are you equipped with heat transfer oil free ?
    Sorry, we can not provide heat transfer oil, because oil is prohibited to delivery.
8. Where is your company location? How can I visit there?
     Our factory is in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, near Xinzheng International Airport, you can fly to Zhengzhou Airport. 

    Welcome to visit our company!
We are confident in providing professional products and service you want,
We guarantee that your inquiry will be received our immediate attention.

Back blowing Bag Filter
The back blowing bag filter condenses the advantages of all kinds of bag duster both at home and abroad. It is a new type of dust removal device which combines the mechanism of cyclone dust removal and filter dust removal mechanism, and uses special cleaning methods to remove dust.
The back blowing bag filter condenses the advantages of all kinds of bag duster both at home and abroad. It is a new type of dust removal device which combines the mechanism of cyclone dust removal and filter dust removal mechanism, and uses special cleaning methods to remove dust.  The direct scour filter bag with high speed dust air flow is avoided and the service life of filter bag is prolonged; the clean air source of the back blowing dust source is introduced from the clean air flow after purification, which reduces the temperature difference between the air flow of the back blowing air and the Dust Collector and reduces the condensation phenomenon to the minimum limit.
Scope of application
The products are widely used in mine, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, foundry, chemical, papermaking, refractory, cement, asbestos, industrial kiln and other industries, such as material recovery, flue gas dust control.
Working principle
After the dust air flow is cut into the dust collector, the large particle dust is separated and falling into the ash bucket first, and the small dust particles are suspended in the gas through the airflow distribution device, entering the filter chamber evenly, dispersing in the gap between the filter bags and being blocked by the filter bag, and the purification gas flow is discharged by the main fan.
Structure form of bag type dust collector
1. According to the shape of the bag, it can be divided into flat bags (trapezoidal and flat shaped) and round bags (cylindrical).
2. According to the way of entering and leaving the wind, it can be divided into: the downward wind and the upward wind, the wind and the direct current (only the plate-like flat bags).
3, according to the bag filter method is divided into: external filtration and internal filtration. The filter material consists of cotton fiber, wool fiber, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. The filter material made of different fibers has different properties. The commonly used filter material is 208 or 901 terylene flannelette, the use temperature is not more than 120 degrees C, the glass fiber filter bag after the silicone resin treatment, the temperature is generally not more than 250 degrees C, the cotton wool fabric is generally applicable to no corrosion; the temperature is below 80-90 centigrade gas.
Features of bag type dust collector
1, the dust removal efficiency is high, it can trap small particles with a diameter larger than 0.3 microns, and the efficiency of dust removal can reach more than 99%.
2, the use of flexible, handling air volume by hundreds of hours per hour in the room, small square meters of square meters near the machine tool to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, directly set up as a unit, also can be used as a large dusting room, that is, "bag house".
3, the structure of bag filter is relatively simple, stable operation, less initial investment (compared with ESP), easy maintenance. Therefore, the bag filter is widely used to eliminate dust pollution, improve the environment and recycle materials.
4. The key filter material of bag filter is now in service for more than 2 years, and has achieved 4-6 years' performance.
5. In dry and semi dry desulphurization systems, the role of SO2 in flue gas is further reduced.

Anti - Blower Cloth Bag Dust Collector

Anti - Blower Cloth Bag Dust Collector,High Efficiency Bag Filter,Cloth Bag Dust Collector,Anti-Blower Dust Collector

Botou Youjian Environmental Protection Equipment Co. LTD. , http://www.btdustmachine.com