Australia and New Zealand airbags help 28,500 tons of icebreaking pipe launching

On November 16th, the ultra-deep water ice-breaking crane crane "Lewek Constellation" was successfully launched into the water at the Triyards Shipyard in Vietnam. Zhuhai Aoxin Flange Airbag Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Aoxin Lifting Technology Co., Ltd. provided rubber airbag (marine airbag) equipment and complete engineering construction for the launch of the ship.
The ship is 178 meters long, 46 meters wide and 15.6 meters high. It has a weight of about 28,000 tons. It is equipped with a helicopter platform. The ship's raft is equipped with a side thruster. It is equipped with a DP3 dynamic positioning system and a 3000-ton offshore mast crane to support rigidity and The flexible pipe is laid and the owner is Singapore Emas.
Because the ship has the ability to break ice, the ship uses a large number of thick steel plates and high-strength steel plates. The ship has a heavier weight, and the number of precision equipment on board is high and the performance is sensitive. It puts high requirements on the stability and safety of the launching water. ANZ Lifting Co., Ltd. has organized experienced technicians to carry out testing and certification according to international standards, strictly implemented procedures such as tensile test, ground anchor test and air bag sample blasting test, and obtained the third-party certification body of the Norwegian Classification Society ( DNV) and insurance company certification. During the ship launching process, the technical personnel of Zhuhai Aoxin Lifting Technology Co., Ltd. cut through the technical plan formulated by this project and implemented the relevant operational specifications, which was highly praised by the shipowners and shipyards.
The 78 high-pressure rubber airbags used for this launch are all produced by ANZ-Airbags. The high-pressure rubber airbags are 2 meters in diameter and 18 meters in effective length. For the first time, 12-layer airbag structure is adopted, which has higher safety and reliability. The ISO standard with a safety factor of more than 3 times ensures that the ship will be launched smoothly. In addition, Singapore's participants adopted the airbag pressure remote pressure measurement technology for the first time. The technology was jointly developed by ANZ and Guangdong University of Technology. Through wireless pressure measurement technology, the air pressure change of each airbag was comprehensively monitored to ensure the safe and reliable launching process. .

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