Analysis of titanium dioxide in the off-season season: the increase of influencing factors is more blurred

With the increasing influence factors of titanium dioxide market, the traditional dilute season in the domestic titanium dioxide market is even less obvious. In 2018, the titanium dioxide market is more difficult to distinguish, and the price difference between the off-season and the peak season is gradually reduced or even upside down. With the gradual increase of market influence factors and the expansion of China's titanium dioxide market to overseas, the differentiation of the titanium dioxide market will be even more inconspicuous.

The influencing factors increase, and the traditional light season is more indistinguishable.

The traditional titanium dioxide market has a low season. In general, the annual season is from June to August and from December to February, and the spring and autumn are the traditional peak season. Before 2015, the traditional dilute season of titanium dioxide market is still quite obvious. Due to the influence of international and domestic environment, from the beginning of 2015, the traditional dilute season of China's titanium dioxide market has gradually become blurred.

The export share has gradually expanded, and the market's weak season has been affected by international factors.

China is a big exporter of titanium dioxide. The real estate industry in developing countries in China is developing rapidly. The demand for architectural coatings is rising. The demand for titanium dioxide is increasing year by year. However, the capacity of titanium dioxide in these countries is limited and the output is insufficient. Most of the titanium dioxide is imported. China mainly produces sulfuric acid titanium dioxide, which not only has geographical advantages, but also has obvious price advantage. Therefore, China has become a major importer of titanium dioxide in neighboring developing countries, which has solved some excess capacity of titanium dioxide in China, titanium dioxide. The average price has increased compared with previous years.

Affected by the domestic environment, the difference between the off-season season is less obvious

The market demand is growing, the product price is rising, and the titanium dioxide market is difficult to distinguish.

According to statistics, in 2017, the output of coating enterprises above designated size reached 20.41 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 7.43%. Since 2002, the output of coatings has continued to increase, driving the demand for titanium dioxide to exceed the expected growth. Architectural coatings are the largest downstream market for titanium dioxide, accounting for more than 60% of consumption, and the renovation of new homes has a lag period of more than one year. It belongs to the real estate after-cycle industry. At present, the Chinese real estate market has continued its hot future for many years, although it has increased in recent years. The intensity of regulation, but still greatly promoted the growth of the demand for titanium dioxide.

Influence of environmental factors, market supply and demand changes affect the titanium dioxide season

In recent years, affected by the domestic environmental protection situation, the production cost of titanium dioxide has been continuously increased, and environmental protection expenditure has increased. As a highly polluting industry, titanium dioxide has been banned for production or limited production many times, resulting in a decrease in the inventory of titanium dioxide in the off-season and even tight stocks, resulting in a low season and high prices. The main downstream coatings industry is also a representative of high-pollution industries. The downstream production and production limited by the environmental factors have caused the demand for titanium dioxide market to decrease during the peak season, and the peak season is not prosperous or even the price is falling.

Supply side reform, limited production capacity of sulfuric acid

Affected by the supply side reform, the new capacity of sulfuric acid titanium dioxide is limited. The state encourages the development of chlorinated titanium dioxide. Most enterprises are committed to the development of chlorinated titanium dioxide, but they are affected by technical barriers and funds. The development of the chlorination process is still very slow. In the transition period of the process technology of titanium dioxide market, titanium dioxide enterprises are in an embarrassing situation. The mature technology of sulfuric acid titanium dioxide is affected by various factors such as environmental protection and high pressure, and the production capacity is limited. However, the mature titanium chloride powder has not yet developed. The lack of power makes the traditional titanium dioxide white season have a certain impact.

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