A number of instrumentation companies ranked "China Machinery 500"

The 2011 “China Machinery 500 Research Report” and the “World Top 500 Machinery Machinery” conference were held in Beijing on July 26. SAIC, Dongfeng Motor, and FAW were ranked in the top three “China Machinery 500 Research Reports” respectively. . China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd., Holley Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd., Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Time Group Co., Ltd., Zhengtai Group Co., Ltd., Turck (Tianjin) Sensor Co., Ltd. Branch (Tianjin) Electronics Co., Ltd. and other instrument companies list.

At the same time, among the "World Machinery 500" published in 2011, 81 Chinese machinery companies were selected. This event was sponsored by the China National Association of Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, the Institute of Mechanical Industry Economic Management and the World Manager Group.

The "China Machinery 500 Research Report" still uses the World Corporation Lab's corporate competitiveness evaluation model (CVA) designed according to international conventions. The company's sales revenue, total profit, asset profit rate, growth rate and other data , Combining industry differences, reputation indices and other factors for comprehensive analysis and research. The World Business Lab (WCL) is a research institution for industrial policy, corporate management, and competitive strategy under the leadership of icxo.com, chaired by Prof. Robert Mundell, a Nobel laureate in economics.

Sun Bohuai, chairman of the China National Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, issued a report saying that it came from the general equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and cultural office machinery manufacturing, metal products, integrated Among the seven industries, 500 companies were selected, among which the most popular was the general equipment manufacturing industry, with a total of 142 companies, which accounted for 28.4% of the Top 500; and a total of 133 companies in the transportation equipment manufacturing industry, accounting for 26.60%. There are 121 electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing companies, accounting for 24.20% of the top 500 companies. Among them, Weichai Holdings, Xinjiang Tebian Electricians and Shaanxi Automobile Group have become the best performers of the year.

According to the data from the World Enterprise Laboratory Survey, the sales revenue of the “China Machinery 500” enterprises in 2011 totaled RMB 5,941,109 million, an increase of 30.27% over the previous year; the total profit was RMB 483.131 billion, an increase of 30.77% over the previous year. It can be seen that under the complicated domestic and international economic environment, the Chinese machinery industry has consolidated and expanded the results of responding to the impact of the international financial crisis. Production and sales have achieved rapid growth, the benefits have set a new record in history, and structural adjustments have made significant progress. In particular, 12 out of the top 20 companies are in the automotive manufacturing industry; 25 of the top 50 are automobile manufacturers. The production and sales of the automotive industry still achieve rapid growth, and its contribution to the machinery industry and even to the national economy is still very large. It is the “engine” for the growth of the machinery industry in 2010.

The 2011 "China Machinery 500 Research Report" was the ninth since its first release in 2003. The unbalanced development of China’s economy determines the unbalanced development of China’s machinery industry. It also determines that the top 500 machinery companies have a large imbalance in their geographical distribution. Except for Tibet, there are 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Machinery enterprises entered the top 500. The four provinces and cities with the largest number of enterprises are Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Shandong, and 263 companies are located in the East China region, accounting for 52.60% of the top 500 companies. Among them, 80 enterprises in Zhejiang are selected, and 70 companies in Jiangsu are selected, while Shanghai There were 40 and 36 companies in Shandong and Shandong respectively.


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