The most important seven competitiveness of the laser c…

[New weather after year, cutting machine through the bottom price. The lowest price of the entire network, all kinds of custom cutting machine will be 50% discount wholesale order price, a small piece of drawings to achieve a three-dimensional 3D cutting machine parts, where to set

How to choose the most suitable sprinkler

How to choose a practical and cheap sprinkler , as a special car sales for many years the author summed up the following suggestions for the purchase of sprinklers, mainly from the sprinkler car chassis, tanks, pumps, which are the main components of the spr

Motor Vehicle License Installation Requirements

1, the license plate installation to ensure that the license without any deformation and drilling, and basically perpendicular to the ground, the error is less than 15 degrees 2. When the license plate is installed, two sides of the plate must be fixed with

ERMA ballast water management system installs 2 new shi…

ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions SA has successfully completed the installation of the “Erma First” ballast water management system for two container ships being built by Zhejiang Ouhua, China. The ship owner is Evalend Shipping Co. SA of Greece. It is reported that the contract wa

Yuchai Group's revenue for the first half of the ye…

Recently, it was learned from Yuchai's first-half business analysis meeting that in the first half of this year, Yuchai Group basically maintained a stable development, its operating income increased by 2.24% compared to the same period last year, and the overall health of the company wa

Flat car use safety technology

Contents: 1. There must be safety devices on the hand-pressing planer, and check whether the mechanical parts and protective safety devices are loose or malfunction before operation and check the sharpness of the planing blade and the depth of the knife. After the test runs 1~3m. Onl

Dongfeng 145 bulk cement truck 16 cubic meters

Vehicle name: Powder material transporter Vehicle category: Powder material transporter Vehicle model: CSC5162GFL3 Chinese brand: Chu Sheng card Fuel: Yes Exemption: no Environmental protection: no Manufacturer: Xiagong Chusheng ( Hubei ) Spe

Hydraulic nuts are expected to usher in the peak of dev…

With the recovery of the global economy, the global machinery consumption has further increased, and the world’s machinery economy has started to pick up. This has once again brought new opportunities for development to the mechanical hydraulic nut industry. The machinery industry

CNC machine tool use trend

In the era of mechatronics, the use of numerically-controlled machine tools has become a trend. The use technology and space environment of once-used numerical control machine tools are still not perfect, but today's industrial development has achieved good results. The promotion of el