The development prospects of the inverter industry are …

Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" was promulgated, energy-saving emission reduction has become the key to the development of various industries. It will continue to regulate a variety of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products, making the industry more widely used pr

JAC Wrecker Structure

JAC Wrecker Structure First, the main structure and working principle:            JAC JAC light truck wrecker series is based on two types of chassis as a platform derived refitted, has a lift, traction, dragged back and othe

China's total profit of bearings in the first half …

Due to insufficient supporting demand of many domestic host industries, the profit growth of the bearing industry in the first half of the year significantly slowed down, and the inventory level increased significantly. The industry believes that due to the strengthening of the backbone e

Running to the Better Life with Cummins ISF Engine

Building materials city gate, farmer's market, hardware city..... In these places, if you look carefully, no matter if it is raining or raining, we often see rows of vehicles waiting in front of these places. What they are waiting for is hope. It is a good life. On August 8, 2012, the Ch

Dongfeng Freka sprinkler specification

Dongfeng Furika sprinkler series products have strong functions such as water delivery, front spray, post-sprinkling, and water cannons. Water trucks have beautiful appearance and strong power. It is an ideal sprinkler for sanitation departments and enginee

China's Tire Import Tide Causes Indian Panic

China Drying Network News a large number of low-cost Chinese imports of tires continue to flood the Indian market, coupled with slowing domestic demand, causing concern in the Indian automotive industry. Attracted by lower prices, the taxi sector is increasingly inclined to use imported tires, al

Heavy rains in Guangxi hit many workers in Nanning

Rainstorm hit many workers in Nanning, Guangxi caused stranded diesel generators | Diesel generator prices / 2012-08-22 Nanning, August 22, was affected by weak cold air. Thunderstorm weather occurred from August 21 to August 22 in various locations in Guangxi. Among them, lightning strikes

Meitong's new storage-type asphalt pavement mainten…

Meitong's new storage-type asphalt pavement maintenance vehicles are neatly parked in a row in the Meitong Construction Machinery Plant. The batch of equipment is ready to be sent to a large-scale domestic road maintenance construction company. Meitong's new storage-type asphalt pavement m

Survey shows that migrant workers have a backflow situa…

Survey shows that migrant workers have a backflow situation much smaller than the 2008 diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-08-23 According to media reports, due to sluggish exports of traditional industries and macro-control of real estate, the "surge of returning hometowns

Beijing plans to issue a congestion charging management…

Recently, the "Beijing 12th Five-Year Plan period traffic development and construction plan" was formally released. According to the plan, Beijing will issue a congestion charging management policy and supporting measures, and will focus on the construction of a traffic congestio